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West Beach Littlehampton, UK

West Beach Littlehampton, UK

West Beach Littlehampton is a completely different atmosphere to its busier neighbour over on East Beach, located just across the River Arun.

If you are looking for something a bit more relaxing and closer to nature this is the beach for you.

Many families walk straight down to the beach from the car park, so if you would like a quieter location for the day head right to the boardwalk, a beautiful walk through the sand dunes will bring you out further down the beach.

But don’t get me wrong this beach can get very busy! Make sure you arrive early to get a good parking space in the car park, you can bring some cash for the pay and display or search for West Beach Littlehampton on the Ringo app.

If you are planning to arrive later there is plenty of parking out on the roads but be prepared for what could be a long walk.

The beach consists of banks of stones but when the tide is out it reveals expansive sand flats perfect for walking the dog or playing with children (both welcomed all year round!).

The toilets here are 40p so make sure you bring along some 20p pieces.