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Holetown Beach, Barbados

Holetown Beach, Barbados

Holetown beach is definitely worth a visit especially if you are a fan of snorkelling. There is a large collection of rocks just off the shore with are home to hundreds of fish.

Boats are coming in and out of the beach for activities and locals returning from a days fishing, ensure you keep an eye out and stay within the marked areas. If you are going snorkelling I would recommend purchasing a bright inflatable buoy so you can be spotted!

Parking is limited here so if you aren’t able to get in the small car park near Surfside have a drive around the town as there are some roads you can park on instead.

There is a little market set up selling handmade beach dresses, wraps and jumpsuits along with some hand painted decorations and hair braiding.

To find the beach head to Surfside as shown on the map below, then I recommend walking to the right where there is a small section of beach. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available.

If you are feeling peckish while you’re there owners of them are happy to bring over the menu for Surfside and serve you food and drinks straight to you. Alternatively a cheaper option is to pop over the road to Massy Stores and purchase food and drink there.