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Secret Bay: Koh Tao Guide

Secret Bay: Koh Tao Guide

I am someone who likes to get off the beaten track and find new places to explore. I often search around where we’re staying on Google maps to see if there are any good looking beaches or hidden gems in the area.

While in Koh Tao I came across Hin Wong Bay on the maps and added it to my list of places to visit for the day, I can tell you that this beach is not to be missed.

Tucked away from the main hub of Koh Tao is Hin Wong Bay or as a local called it Secret Bay. This little bay isn’t well known so it is often very quiet, especially if you follow my guide and head away from the beach and onto the rocks.

This beautiful beach has soft white sand and crystal clear blue waters, it is surrounded by palm trees, jungle and huge boulders.

Secret Bay is in my opinion by far the best spot for snorkelling on Koh Tao.

How to get there

The best way to get here is by scooter, you can rent a scooter for just 200 baht (£5) a day, prices can vary depending on the model, this is the best way to get out and explore the whole island.

Rentals can be found from most accommodations in Koh Tao as well as rental shops in the main hub on Sairee road.

If you are not confident on a scooter you could also arrange a taxi to take you to the beach and negotiate a return journey.

If you are scooting then just set your maps to Hin Wong Bay and go. It is located about 10/15 minutes from the main hub in Koh Tao.

Just keep following the road all the way to the end, you’ll know when you’ve arrived when you come across a small parking area on the right and someone sat under an umbrella charging 20 baht (50p) for parking.

Best time to visit

Koh Tao has 4 seasons cool and dry, hot and dry, hot and wet and monsoon season.

The best time to visit is generally the hot and dry season which tends to be from January to May, this is also Koh Tao’s busiest time for tourists.

However if you are looking to dive while you’re here visibility under the water can reach 30 meters in July, August and September although this is the wet season it’s something to bear in mind!

What to expect

As you follow the path down from the car park you have two options, you can either turn left and follow the small path down to the beach or carry on straight ahead.

If you head down to the beach to check it out, there are umbrellas and chairs here so its got everything you need to set up for the day. Or, alternatively if you would prefer to spend most of your day snorkelling I recommend carrying straight on to head to the rocks, where you have lots of options.

The first time we visited we placed our bag on the wall closest to the ocean and spent the whole time in the water snorkelling. The second time we came we decided to head right and climb over the rocks to a spot we’d seen others sitting on during our first visit.

Personally I think the right side of the bay has much better snorkelling and from this position on the rocks it is much easier to get to the good spots.

Top tip 💎: There is a large boulder in the middle of the ocean here, it is the biggest and furthest one out you can see, around here the water is deep at around 4-8 meters, this is a good spot to head for as there is a large boulder under the water you can stop and catch your breath. You can see tons of fish from here, either feeding off the rocks or swimming deeper below you.

Another good spot for snorkelling is to head right as if you are going to swim out of that bay and round the corner, there is plenty to see.

If you are looking for good snorkelling and some peace and quiet this is the spot for you. Here in this secret paradise you feel worlds away from the busyness of Freedom Beach.

Where to stay

Luxury: Sai Daeng Resort

This 4* resort is located right on the beach and has excellent snorkelling on your door step, there is an outside pool, bar and restaurant. It has a large variety of rooms which all include air conditioning, private bathrooms, TV, safety deposit box and some have balconies. The resort also offers water sports for an additional charge and a buffet breakfast is included for all guests.

Mid range: The Ozo Koh Tao

I have stayed at The Ozo during one of our trips to Koh Tao. This 3* hotel offers everything you need to feel like you are getting a little bit of luxury while not breaking the bank. There are 5 different room options to suit each budget, each one has a balcony with views over the pool and jungle covered mountain behind. Room service is available and air conditioning, TV, safety deposit box, private bathroom, fridge and toiletries.

Budget: The Dearly Koh Tao Hostel

The Dearly is one of the highest rated hostels on the island. Dorm rooms here start from as little as £12 a night and there is a large variety of dorm sizes to choose from as well as private rooms. The hostel offers an on site bar and restaurant as well as free wifi throughout. There is a rooftop area to relax, a common room with TV, books and computers. Guests are also given access to a shared fridge.

Final thoughts

Hin Wong Bay quickly became one of our favourite places on Koh Tao, this small and beautiful island is full of little surprises and this certainly was one.

It might not look like much from the outside but if you are a fan of snorkelling this is where you’ll want to be. With hours of fun to be had make sure to add this beach to your list for Koh Tao.

I hope you found this guide useful, if you have any questions please comment below. I would also love to know what you thought of Hin Wong Bay once you have visited.

With love, Izzy ✨💛

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