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Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour Complete Guide: Koh Tao 

Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour Complete Guide: Koh Tao 

Koh Tao is one of the world’s most popular and cheapest places to learn how to dive. 

But diving is only one of many options you have here to see what a vibrant and colourful underwater world there is around the island. 

With Oxygen’s Morning Snorkelling Tour you not only get to see the amazing underwater world but they also take you to Nangyuan island and 5 stops all around Koh Tao, meaning you get to see the islands less visited and more natural east coastline.

Throughout this guide, I will help you book your day out, outline what’s included in the price, what you can expect and some amazing things to look out for during the day.

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The Complete Guide: Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour Koh Tao

How to Book

You can find tickets for the Oxygen Snorkelling tour at most travel agents around the island or you can book with them directly. 

I always recommend booking directly as this is often the cheapest way to secure your place!

You can contact them via WhatsApp at +66 89 909 4690 

Alternatively, if you would like to book and pay online you can book through Get Your Guide, this way you will also get immediate confirmation about your booking.

What’s Included in the Price

The Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour is a different price depending on where you book. If you book direct it is 550 THB compared to booking on Get Your Guide which is 850 THB.

The trip includes:

  • All snorkelling equipment (snorkel, mask and lifejacket – no fins)
  • Pick up and drop off from your accommodation
  • Lunch and fresh fruits
  • Drinking water
  • Tea & coffee 
  • Thai herbal drinks juice
  • Snacks
  • Insurance
  • English speaking guide
  • Big boat with 3 decks and 2 slides
  • Toilet on board
  • Free underwater photography & video

‼️ Note that you have to pay an additional 250 THB to enter Nangyuang Island, this is paid on arrival at the Oxygen office before your tour starts.

Girl swimming underwater

What to Pack for the Oxygen Snorkelling Tour

As this is a snorkelling tour you are going to be in and out of the water all day so you don’t need to pack very much. 

  • Your swimsuit — I recommend wearing this under your clothes to make it easier when you need to change
  • A coverup to easily slip on between stops or to/from your accommodation
  • Dry towel
  • Reef friendly suncream
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Drybag 
  • Underwater camera
Shark Bay

What to Expect During your Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour

Pick Up for Oxygen Snorkelling Tour

Depending on where you are located on the island you can expect to be picked up at around 9.30 am and then taken to the Oxygen office next to the pier. 

On arrival everyone from each tuk-tuk is formed into a group, your guide explains that you need to pay an additional fee to enter Koh Nangyuan, once everyone has paid for their trip and the additional fee you are assigned a letter/number.

When you have your number you are then given a snorkel that is matched to you so if one goes missing, they know who it was!

It’s then time to head to the boat. As the office is located next to the pier it’s a short walk down to the front. The boat departs at around 10 am.

Once all groups are on the boat you are given a short introduction from the team, asking you to please respect the natural environment, to ensure all litter goes in the bins provided and that you please do not touch anything under the water, corals or animals!

Koh Nangyuan

On arrival at Koh Nangyuan, your guide informs you that you are not allowed to take onto the island any plastic bottles, cans, fins, drones and beach shoes so please leave all these items on the boat.

Arriving at the island around 10.30 am you will have until around 1 pm here before the boat departs for the rest of the snorkelling stops.

Koh Nangyuan Island is 3 small islets all joined by sand bars, it is a tranquillity lover’s dream with soft white sandy beaches and turquoise water. At low tide, you can walk across the sand to each one but at high tide, you need to wade through the water!

There is plenty to keep you busy on these small little islands, you can head over to the viewpoint if you would like to see the incredible view back over Nangyuan.

🙋🏻‍♀️ If you would like to do this I recommend heading there as soon as you get off the boat as it often gets very busy and you have to queue to get to the top! Alternatively, if you are not fussed about having a picture at the top, there is a gap in the trees just before the top that offers the same views that you don’t have to queue for.

After this head over to the beach to chill out or go for some snorkelling. 

If you stay on the same islet as the viewpoint and snorkel around the corner it is quite a common spot to see Blacktip Reef Sharks. 

Or head over to the islet on the other side and swim out to the Japanese Gardens or Twin Peak, these are popular dive sites but are close enough to shore for snorkellers to also enjoy them.

Once everyone is back on board the boat lunch is served your choice of a chicken or vegetarian dish, this is small and simple consisting of rice, chicken/mixed veg, egg and fresh fruits.

Mango Bay/ Lighthouse

Next up is Mango Bay, located on the north coast, it is one of the 3 top spots on the island to snorkel.

Mango Bay is quite hard to reach via land, you have to scoot up to a dead end in the jungle and then hike for a while before reaching the beach. 

The beauty of the snorkelling tour is you start in the deeper water where it’s harder to get to from the shore and so you get easier access to see a wider variety of marine life. 

With strong winds often coming in from the east Mango Bay is protected from them and is a beautifully calm area to snorkel. Here you can find large coral reefs on each edge of the bay and plenty of colourful fish all around.

Hin Wong Bay

Next up is Hin Wong Bay, which is personally my favourite snorkelling spot on the island, if you want to discover it for yourself with a bit more time to spare check out my full guide as this bay is a lot easier to reach by land. 

The Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour however takes you to a part of Hin Wong Bay that would be hard to access from the land.

During this stop, you can find a shallower coral reef near the cliff edges, where you can see a large variety of soft and hard corals and fish. 

Keep an eye out for the beautiful anemones and the little fish that live in them as well as the occasional trigger fish.

Aow Leuk Bay

Boasting a white sandy beach and calm turquoise waters Aow Luek Bay is another beautiful location on Koh Tao, where the snorkelling is amazing right from the shore.

The coral reef here is located on both sides of the bay starting in the shallows and carrying on to the deeper areas you can see a wide variety of marine life from all around this bay.

Located near Shark Island it is also another great spot to see Blacktip reef sharks with baby ones found close to the shore in the warm waters twice a year as this quiet spot is the perfect nursery for them.

Mango Bay Oxygen Snorkelling Tour

Shark Bay

Shark Bay might as well of been called Turtle Bay as turtles are abundant here and often more commonly seen than the shyer Blacktip sharks.

if you are serious about spotting the Blacktip Reef Sharks at Shark Bay then check out my full guide, where I share with you how to get to Shark Bay, where to spot them and when to visit!

If you haven’t been lucky enough to see a turtle so far on your snorkelling tour then Shark Bay should be the place you get to spot one. 

Commonly spotted just offshore almost exactly where the boats conveniently stop you shouldn’t have to go too far to see them.

If you do spot a turtle make sure to keep your distance and remember to never touch them as well as any other marine life you may see.

Once you have spotted your turtle make sure to also look around at the surrounding reef as you can find plenty of amazing marine life with soft and hard corals too.

Blacktip reef shark

Drop Off for Oxygen Snorkelling Tour

After Shark Bay, it is time to head back to the pier at around 5 pm and be transported back to your accommodation.

When you get out of the water at the last stop kindly return your snorkelling gear to the Oxygen team.

On arrival at the pier just make sure to find the same driver that collected you and the same letter as your allocated one.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Don’t forget to log into their Google drive and find your underwater photos from the day!

2 girls snorkelling underwater

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour in Koh Tao, there are some other tour options like the afternoon or premium tour but I believe the morning tour gives you the best value for your money and it currently has the best boat with the slides on the back!

I hope my guide helps you plan and book your perfect day on the Oxygen Morning Snorkelling Tour and that you get to see as much amazing marine life as we did.

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