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Phi Phi Islands Tour from Krabi: Everything You Need to Know & More

Phi Phi Islands Tour from Krabi: Everything You Need to Know & More

This Phi Phi Islands tour from Krabi takes you to the famously known crystal clear blue waters of Phi Phi and Maya Bay, shooting to major fame after the well-known film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Now thousands of tourists flock to this tiny island every month just to catch a glimpse of the glistening water.

Due to the Phi Phi Islands being a major party island, not everyone wants to stay there for the night but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on its stunning landscapes.

Luckily there are daily boat tours from most surrounding areas, like this Phi Phi Island Tour from Krabi we went on.

Throughout this guide, I will help you book your day out, make sure you know what is included in the price, outline everything you need to take and give you my opinion on the full day and what to expect!

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Phi Phi Islands Tour from Krabi

How to book

You can find Phi Phi day tours from many tour agencies around all of Ao Nang or you can often book directly with your accommodation, however, because my friend was only with me for 3 weeks and we didn’t want to risk something being fully booked we used Get Your Guide to book in advance.

Get Your Guide is great as you get instant confirmation about your day trip and can book very far in advance.

Follow the link to book the Krabi: Phi Phi Islands Speedboat Tour with Buffet Lunch on Get Your Guide.

What is included in this tour

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Fresh drinking water all-day
  • Fresh fruit
  • Lunch is provided at a hotel on Phi Phi Don
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Accident insurance
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Sea sickness pills

‼️ Please note that you have to pay an additional 400 baht (£10) per adult and 200 baht (£5) per child to enter the national park. This is a standard fee that is charged in national parks throughout Thailand. 

What to take on your day tour

During the tour, you are out for most of the day and throughout it, you are in and out of the water a lot so you don’t need to take much. 

  • I recommend wearing your swimsuit there under your clothes, otherwise, you will have to change in front of other guests on the boat and there isn’t much privacy!
  • Take a cover-up or easy clothes to slip on and off for lunch and pick up/drop off.
  • Your snorkelling gear if you have any.
  • An underwater camera as there are some amazing fish and creatures to see!
  • A waterproof bag to keep all of your belongings in.
  • A dry towel if you have one.

What To Expect on Your Phi Phi Islands Tour from Krabi

Once we booked the Phi Phi Islands tour from Krabi we were sent a message via WhatsApp asking to confirm our accommodation and they provided us with our pick-up time and advised us to wait in the lobby.

When booking the day trip I had read on some of the reviews that people had received a WhatsApp the evening before to advise their boat had been upgraded, normally the trip runs on a standard speedboat, however, we also received that message the night before and got all excited about the fact we were now going to be spending the day on a catamaran yacht!

Collection in the morning ran very smoothly and we were picked up promptly and on time before collecting a few other guests and then heading to the tour operator’s port just outside of Ao Nang.

Here we signed in and paid 400 baht (£10) each to visit the national park and were asked to take a seat to wait for the other guests to arrive.

A really lovely touch was that the Phi Phi tours team provided complimentary coffee, tea and biscuits.

Once everyone had arrived we were advised which trip we were heading off on and given a welcome and safety briefing.

Shortly after we were all pointed in the right direction and we boarded our boat, there were plenty of seats and it was not at full capacity which was nice as it meant every family/group got to sit together. 

On the way we stopped off at Railay to collect some other guests and then our day trip began!

Seating on catermaran yacht

Maya Bay

The first stop of the day was Maya Bay, this has become an incredibly famous spot because of ‘The Beach’ and now it has risen to fame on Instagram with thousands of people posting the perfect shot of them standing in the turquoise ocean.

On the way to Maya Bay, we were advised you were only allowed into the water up to your knees, hence why no one posts pictures in the sea anymore!

This is because the national park has stopped people from entering the ocean to allow for the rehabilitation of the corals and natural habitat, due to the number of visitors every day it would not be able to thrive as it does now without this rule.

After a quick 45-minute journey we arrived at Maya Bay and headed onto the island as a group.

To protect the bay itself a collection/drop-off platform has been built in Loh Samah Bay, from here there is a walkway through the island to get to Maya Bay, on the walkway there are toilets and stalls selling food and drink.

Our guide led us to the large platform by the toilets and advised us of the time we had to be back there to all meet again before departure. 

Overall we had 45 minutes on the island to get to Maya Bay, have a look around and get back to the guide. 

If I am completely honest it is a shame that so many tourists can visit every day as the bay and island are completely packed! Maya Bay now is a very famous ‘Instagram worthy’ spot and you can see it once you’re there with people lining up to get that famous shot with the blue water and limestone cliff backdrop.

🙋🏻‍♀️ But it is much more than that, while it makes for a beautiful photo I also urge you to just stop and have a look around when you are on the beach, it is absolutely stunning and the bay itself has now become a black tip shark nursery once again – look out for these little guys swimming in the shallows!

Girl in Maya Bay

Viking Cave

After Maya Bay we headed past Viking Cave, Viking Cave has been named this due to prehistoric drawings found on the cave walls that resemble ancient Viking ships.  

It is believed these drawings were made by sea gypsies or pirates who sheltered in the cave from monsoons.

Now the cave is well known for another reason. 

The ledges within the cave are home to thousands of swifts, here they make their nests from their saliva which is the key ingredient in the Chinese delicacy, birds nest soup.

Local people risk their lives by climbing up the flimsy bamboo poles to harvest the nests, which are among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans.

Ao Pi Le Bay

Round the corner from Viking Cave we headed into Ao Pi Le Bay, the turquoise blue water is truly stunning!

Ao Pi Le Bay is only accessible during high tide as the edges are much shallower than the centre and it is a very popular snorkelling spot. 

Our boat didn’t stop here for snorkelling, if I’m honest I was quite glad as it again was very busy, instead, we drove in around and out again giving us all enough time to marvel at the spectacular colours.

Monkey Beach Snorkelling 

Our next snorkelling spot was just off Monkey Beach at Phi Phi Don Island, first we got close to Monkey Beach to get a look at the monkeys then anchored up and jumped in!

This snorkelling spot was absolutely beautiful again with turquoise water and was teaming with fish! They were everywhere and they were not scared of us coming up close, all very inquisitive.

We stayed here for about 30 minutes, giving us plenty of time to swim through the fish and explore the reef before quickly drying off in the sun.

Lunch on Phi Phi Don

Next up was lunch, we were dropped off at the west side of Phi Phi Don Beach and guided into the hotel here for lunch.

I had read a few reviews about an awful lunch but we were pleasantly surprised, it was a buffet style with rice, spaghetti and sauce, Thai green curry, mixed vegetables and chicken wings. 

It was not the same as if you were served up freshly cooked food from a local restaurant but it was all tasty.

We had 1 hour here so after we had eaten we headed onto the beach to relax and have a dip in the sea before the boat came back to collect us.

Girl sat on a boat

Ao Lo La Na Bay Snorkeling Spot

Once we were all back on the boat we stopped off in Ao Lo La Na Bay for our last snorkelling spot of the day, here we had around 30 minutes of free time again to explore the reef.

The fish were not as bold here but there was still lots to swim around and discover, there were also some incredibly colourful corals to spot.

Bamboo Island

The last stop of the day was Bamboo Island, just north of Phi Phi Don we spent 1 hour here marvelling at the ocean.

The oceans surrounding Bamboo Island were by far the clearest we have ever seen. The visibility is so good you can see almost every grain of sand!

There wasn’t a lot to see in the ocean unless you went out to the swimming border but it was well worth the swim just for the sheer beauty of it. 

The island is also home to some giant hermit crabs so make sure you keep an eye out!

If sunbathing on the white sands is not your cup of tea then head to the centre of the island where there is a large shady part with toilets and stalls where you can buy food and drinks.

After Bamboo Island it was time to head back to Railay then Ao Nang, this wasn’t a long journey only lasted around 45 minutes again.

Once back at the starting point and the end of our Phi Phi Islands tour from Krabi we were all guided to our tuk-tuks and dropped back at our accommodation.

Best Time to Visit 

The Phi Phi Islands are located between Phuket and Krabi in South Thailand so the weather here is very similar to theirs.

In South Thailand the typical high season is between November and December, however, October tends to be the worst month to visit due to the monsoon season, because of this some of the weather can be expected to overflow into November. 

November/December – April is seen as the dry season. 

Whilst May to October is the monsoon season, although there are still plenty of sunny days. 

Because it is the quieter season you can get some great cheap accommodation from May – July.

Personally I think the best time to visit Koh Phi Phi is between January and April if you are looking for calm waters and sunny conditions.

Railay cliffs

Final thoughts

Personally, I cannot recommend this Phi Phi Islands tour from Krabi enough, the whole day ran extremely smoothly from start to finish and the team on board went out of their way to ensure you have the best trip possible.

I feel like we just spent the whole day marvelling at the turquoise oceans, so if the oceans around Phi Phi are something you want to discover more of then this is the perfect trip for you.

Click here to book the “Krabi: Phi Phi Islands Speedboat Tour with Buffet Lunch”, discover some of the most beautiful oceans, swim with tons of fish and walk along the famous Maya Bay.

Girl in the ocean on bamboo island

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