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Visiting Madsum (Pig) Island in Koh Samui, Thailand

Visiting Madsum (Pig) Island in Koh Samui, Thailand

Just imagine a remote tropical island with a rustic and relaxed vibe, then imagine it being home to a family of pigs going about their lives on the sand!

People often imagine seeing pigs in a tropical location is only possible in the Caribbean but what if I told you you can tick this bucket list activity off just 30 minutes south of Koh Samui?

Located on Madsum Island just a short boat ride away from Koh Samui you can watch the local pigs laze around in the shade, paddle in the ocean and play in the sand. 

Throughout this guide, I will share with you everything about Pig Island, how to get there and all about the history of the Pigs that call Madsum Island home.

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Visiting Madsum (Pig) Island

Where is Madsum Island?

Pig Island is located about 30 minutes south of Koh Samui. Pig Island, also known as Koh Madsum, Koh Matsum or Koh Mudsum is located next to Koh Tean and forms part of the Chumphon Archipelago – a collection of about 60 islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

How to get to Madsum (Pig) Island

The best way to see the pigs on Pig Island is by booking a day trip. This way you can often have the whole day arranged for you from pick up, lunch, snorkel equipment, entrance fees and insurance.

🙋🏻‍♀️ We always choose to book using Get Your Guide, this way we get an instant confirmation email sent directly to us and we often know what the itinerary has in store.

When booking your tour you will have the option of either using a Long Tail Boat or Speedboat to get to Pig Island, this will mean the tours vary in price and the time to get to the island, but the packages are generally very similar.

Click here to book Koh Samui: Coral & Pig Island Longtail Boat Small-Group Tour.

The Story of Pig Island and How it Began

As you have probably guessed the pigs are not native and it all started with a local man called Mr Kitt. 

Mr Kitt lives on Madsum Island with his family and runs a small beach bar. He took a trip over to the mainland to visit family and whilst in the town of Surat Thani he passed through a market selling fresh produce and livestock.

Whilst he was not on the lookout for any livestock Mr Kitt could not help but notice four pigs all huddled together on their own away from the others. All of the pigs here were being sold to farmers and butchers, the four huddled together looked scared and underfed.

Seeing these scared pigs pulled on Mr Kitts’s heartstrings and he decided he could not allow them to be sold for slaughter so he purchased all four of them and loaded them on his boat to return to Madsum Island. He later found out that the four huddled together were a male and a female along with their 2 piglets so he had saved a family.

However looking after what was originally 4 pigs but now many more has been hard, Pigs eat a lot of food – because of this Mr Kitt teamed up with Gojo Tours and opened up to tourists, this helps Mr Kitt to feed his family and his pigs whilst tourists get to see Thailands famous tropical island pigs.

What else is on Madsum (Pig) Island?

Once you’ve had your fill admiring the pigs you can either take a stroll up and down the beach, grab your snorkel and head into the ocean or grab something to eat and drink at the restaurant.

The island is also not only home to pigs, there are also rescued dogs and puppies to have some fun with!

Staying on Madsum Island

If you enjoy the tranquillity of this tiny tropical paradise and would like to stay on Pig Island then you can check out The Treasure.

The Treasure is the only hotel located on the island and is found on the south side.

Snorkelling on Koh Tean

Once you have taken in all there is to see on Pig Island it will be time to head over to its neighbouring larger island Koh Tean often known as Coral Island. 

Here the boats stop for about half an hour allowing you to snorkel in the waters just off shore.

Unfortunately when we visited it was very windy so we didn’t have much visibility but we could see plenty of fish swimming below.

The Best Time to Visit

Koh Samui is a year-round destination, however, there are best and worst times to visit depending on what you’re looking for. 

Koh Samui is hit by the worst of its rain in October, November and early December, due to this accommodation is much cheaper and the island usually a lot quieter.

If you are looking to dodge the rain then late December – April are the best months to visit, with the temperature rising and rain decreasing as the year goes on.

Final Thoughts

If scratching pigs on a white sandy beach in the tropics is on your bucket list then Pig Island is most definitely the day trip for you!

Running daily from Koh Samui make sure you don’t miss out on seeing these curious Pigs and head to Pig Island to see them lazing around in their tropical paradise.

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