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How to Make a Vision Board That Works in 2024

How to Make a Vision Board That Works in 2024

We have all heard the phrase ‘new year, new me’ and whether you believe it or not, it does not mean that we shouldn’t use the inspiration of a completely blank page to motivate us to create some big dreams for the upcoming year.

I am a firm believer in the fact that if you truly believe you can achieve something then you’re already halfway there, the next step is to set goals and actions to help get yourself there.

Creating a vision board, yearly bucket list and step-by-step goals on how to achieve all of it is such an important ritual for me every year.

Vision boards that contain images that you truly find inspiring will motivate you to keep going and help keep your goals in mind. Below you will find my go-to ritual for clearing all the negativity from 2023, getting clear on what you want in 2024, putting it to paper then creating a visual to represent it!

My New Year Vision Board Ritual

Releasing the Negativity from 2023

I believe that to call in new exciting possibilities we have to first clear out all the negative energy – imagine it a bit like spring cleaning but internally, it is time to clear the cobwebs so we can start afresh.

For this step I always recommend journalling it out, but if journalling doesn’t work for it you can try a visualisation meditation.

If you want to journal along with me then grab either the journal you have been using all year or a fresh one ready for 2024.

Write down either in long rabbling sentences or bullet points absolutely everything and anything that did not go your way in 2023.

You’ll want to include all the times you were sad, angry, disappointed, or anything that caused you trauma or worry. Get really detailed, writing as much or as little as you feel like – just really try to make sure that you get all of it out.

Once you are happy with everything you have released then you can either close your journal for 2023 and that is you done with the year or I like to burn what I have written, the process of burning something that I wish to let go of helps me to imagine myself releasing it back into the universe through the smoke and embers.

If you are going to burn your pages please ensure you do this is a safe way either using a specialised ritual bowl or into a fire place.

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Recognising What Went Right in 2023

As important as it is to clear the negative energy before moving into the next year, it is also important to reflect on how far you have come.

Again either in bullet points or long rambling sentences, write down everything that went right for you in the previous year, everything you crossed off your bucket list and anything that happened to you that you didn’t expect but forced you to grow positively.

Getting Clear on What You Want in 2024

I believe that if you can visualise it for yourself then you can achieve it.

The next step is to take some time to meditate and try to visualise how you want your year to go. You can carve out 2 minutes or 15 minutes, just find a time that feels right for you.

I like to find a comfortable seated position that I know I can relax in but I am still alert enough not to fall asleep, set my timer on Insight Timer to 11 minutes, close my eyes and ask myself the question ‘what do I want from 2024?’

Instead of trying to place ideas in my mind, first of all, I see what comes to me – what is it that’s lurking in my subconscious that I want to bring into this new year?

Once a few things have come to me I will allow my imagination to run with them and allow complete best case scenarios to unfold in my minds eye.

When the timer is up I will then quickly jot down in my journal anything that came to me that I want to be included in my 2024 vision board.

Setting Intentions for 2024

This is one of my favourite steps, taking into consideration all that I want to achieve in the upcoming year I start to jot down intentions for the upcoming year.

These could be words such as:

  • Intention
  • Presence
  • Adventure
  • Foundations
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Perspective
  • Trust
  • Gratitude

You can choose as many or as few as you like!

Elaborating On Each Intention & Creating Step-by-Step Goals

Once I have all of my intentions I like to journal on each one, elaborating on why I want to achieve them and going into detail about how I am going to do it.

Figuring out why you want to achieve something is very important, every intention you choose must have a real intention behind it and you have to really feel it to help it come true for you.

A key part of the manifestation process is to go into detail about how you are going to achieve something, if you want to earn a certain amount of money, go into detail about how you are going to make that money, break it down so the universe knows exactly how you want it delivered.

To help me break up some of my larger goals I like to create step-by-step goals – mini things that I can do each day or week to help keep me on track to achieving the larger things.

For example, if I chose to use the intention ‘presence’ as one of my words for 2024 then to break this down into small ‘do-able’ actions every day I could make a point to:

  • meditate daily
  • give people my full attention when they are talking to me
  • going for a walk without headphones and looking at my phone to engage with what’s around me
  • journalling daily reflections
  • eating without distraction

These step-by-step goals just help to keep you on track and keep your goals in mind.

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Your 2024 Bucket List

Once I’m clear on my detailed goals for the year I like to write myself a bucket list that I can actually cross things off of every time I achieve them.

This is usually very similar to the list I have written above but will be in list format and will include absolutely everything and anything I want to do, such as:

  • Any destinations I want to visit
  • Particular adventures I want to go on
  • Personal goals I want to achieve
  • Business goals I want to achieve

The list for this is endless, you can aim really big here and just make sure that when it comes to the end of the year its not a big deal if you didn’t cross something off, just carry it over to the next year!

Finding Your Inspiration on Pinterest

Right now you have completed all of that hard work building your foundations its time to get to my favourite part which is turning it all into a really aesthetically pleasing vision board.

You have to make sure your vision board is inspiring for you and is something that you really like, the whole purpose of it is to make you remember exactly what it is you want to do and why!

Create a new board on Pinterest and start searching through typing in maybe your intentions or items on your bucket list to start building a good collection of images.

Creating Your Vision Board Collage

Once you have about 30 images, depending on how much you want to cram on, its time to move over to Canva and start building your vision board.

Save all of the images from Pinterest into a folder and then drag and drop them onto Canva.

For your vision board, I recommend creating one for your laptop desktop background and one for your phone background – this way they are always in view and can remind you of your goals daily – to make sure you get the right sizes just type in your laptop or phone size into the search bar and find a suitable template.

Then get building! I like to group similar activities or colours together making sure my board flows nicely but whatever you do just make sure it’s something you like the look of.

When all of my images are in place I like to add text in a nice font that reflects some of my intentions or angel numbers that I find important – then I always like to finish it off with the year.

Once you’re finished download it as a Jpeg and set it as your background for daily inspiration 💌

Some beautiful examples of templates you can use on Canva to create a phone background!

Allow Your Board to Evolve Throughout 2024

As you start moving through the year I am sure there will be things that you added to your journal, bucket list or vision board that don’t align with you anymore and that is ok.

Just make sure to keep it updated and keep your board as a current reflection of where you are at that moment, it is ok to evolve and grow, that is exactly what we are supposed to do every year so it’s always a positive thing if you have to change your board to grow alongside you.

Maybe set a day or time monthly that you can reflect on what you have achieved and see if there is anything further you would like to add.

Final Thoughts

Creating a vision board and following my year-end ritual can be a lengthy process but I do truly believe if you take the time to get clear on what you want and how you’re going to get there, you have a much higher chance of achieving what it is you desire.

🙋🏻‍♀️ I hope my ritual helps you to get clear on your goals and helps you to cross more of your 2024 bucket list. What are some of your main goals for 2024? I would love to know in the comments below 👇🏼

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