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Hin Wong Bay, Koh Tao: The Beach Guide

Hin Wong Bay, Koh Tao: The Beach Guide

Welcome to The Beach Guide series, beach bumming is my favourite pastime while I travel the world and I am on a mission to find the world’s best beaches!

In this guide series, I will bring you a short snapshot of every beach I visit. This is to help you make a quick decision when planning a day out, as these snapshots will help you get to the heart of every beach and know exactly what you are getting yourself in for before you go.

Every guide will give you a snapshot of quick facts about the beach, a short description of the vibe, an overview of what it offers and images to give you a visual idea.

Hin Wong Bay

Quick Facts

  • Sandy Beach
  • Parking for scooters only either at the end of the road or in a small car park 
  • Depending on wind water can be quite rough at times and is very deep at points
  • Great swimming due to water depth
  • Amazing snorkelling — my favourite on the island
  • Toilets and at the beach bar 
  • Restaurant and drinks available on the beach
  • Not as popular as other beaches as harder to access

Hin Wong Bay Beach’s Vibe

Hin Wong Bay is slowly becoming more and more popular but it mostly remains a well-kept secret.

In this beautiful bay, you can find 2 cute beachfront bars serving fresh coconuts, soft drinks and food, a sandy beach and amazing snorkelling.

If you are looking for something a little off the beaten track and away from the hustle and bustle of Koh Tao’s busier beaches this is the spot for you. Located out of Central Sairee at a dead end down a steep hill, you will find the parking. Due to it being a little bit harder to reach than other beaches it is not as popular and gives you a wonderful refuge for the day.

Make sure you don’t forget your snorkelling gear though as this spot has some of the best on the island, swimming out and right you can find a deep reef teaming with fish.

If you want more information about Hin Wong Bay, where to go and when to visit check out my full guide to the beach.

Due to the location of Hin Wong Bay on the east coast, it is exposed to more of the wind coming in from the Gulf therefore if it is not a calm day then the ocean here will likely be choppy and not as enjoyable or easy to snorkel in, so make sure to check the weather before you go.


If you are looking for something a little different and quieter with amazing snorkelling, this is the beach for you. 

Whilst Hin Wong Bay is not as well known at the moment, with recent development bringing 2 new beach bars/restaurants it won’t be long before it becomes a more popular spot. 

Go and visit it now while it’s still a more unknown spot and soak in the bliss of the gentle waves lapping on the shore, the green jungle surrounding you and the vibrant underwater world.

To make the most of the beautiful bay and all it has to offer I recommend arriving early! 

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