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Freedom Beach, Koh Tao: The Beach Guide

Freedom Beach, Koh Tao: The Beach Guide

Welcome to The Beach Guide series, beach bumming is my favourite pastime while I travel the world and I am on a mission to find the world’s best beaches!

In this guide series, I will bring you a short snapshot of every beach I visit. This is to help you make a quick decision when planning a day out, as these snapshots will help you get to the heart of every beach and know exactly what you are getting yourself in for before you go.

Every guide will give you a snapshot of quick facts about the beach, a short description of the vibe, an overview of what it offers and images to give you a visual idea.

Freedom Beach, Koh Tao

Quick Facts

  • Sandy Beach
  • Parking for cars and scooters at the reception on Relax Freedom Beach Resort
  • Located in a bay the water is calm and shallow at low tide
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Toilets and shower at the restaurant 
  • Restaurant and drinks bar on the beach
  • Deck chairs available 
  • 50 THB (£1) entry fee to Relax Freedom Beach Resort

Freedom Beach’s Vibe

Personally, Freedom Beach is my favourite place to spend the day in Koh Tao, however, I know many people find it way too busy for its size which I completely understand. If you want to get the best out of your day here you have to arrive before 11 am, this way you can experience the beach while it is quieter and more tranquil and secure a deck chair for the day.

One of the things that makes this beach my favourite is the amount of amazing snorkelling you can find just offshore. If you swim directly out in a straight line you will come across a reef, here you can see tons of beautiful fish, amazing corals, the occasional sea snake and so much more.

Freedom Beach itself is a picture-perfect beach, it is a small area with the softest white sand and the shore is lined with pretty trees, when the tide is in it often comes beyond them making for a wonderful photo, you can also find a hammock or 2 to relax in.

It also faces directly west making it one of my favourite places in Koh Tao to catch the sunset.

The restaurant here is very good and well-priced, they serve all the classic Thai dishes and some Western choices. I recommend the Chicken Pad Thai, I think they cook one of the best ones I’ve ever eaten! However, The drinks can be expensive, so I recommend buying them before you come.

To make the most out of your day here and to ensure you spend your 50 THB entry fee wisely I recommend doing as much as you can in the resort all in one go, I have written a full guide about Freedom Beach so if you’d like more information go check it out.


This is a beautiful beach that I don’t think should be missed if you are keen to avoid the crowds then come in the morning or late afternoon to catch the sunset. 

Once you are here you do not have to leave, with the onsite toilets, showers, restaurant and bar it is the perfect place to relax for couples, friends or solo. 

Just ensure you don’t forget your snorkel as the underwater world is even better than what’s above it!

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Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

I love this quick beach guide series! I would love to go back to Thailand!


Thursday 4th of April 2024

Thank you Lita! Thailand is a wonderful country I definitely recommend going back, when did you last visit?