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What is Travels by Izzy and who is Izzy?

What is Travels by Izzy and who is Izzy?

Welcome to Travels by Izzy!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to travel, I have always been a sucker for a holiday.

I was lucky enough as a child to go on a summer holiday every year, whether we went exploring in the moors, walking and boogie boarding in Cornwall or to lie in the hot sun and swim in the sea in Greece I loved every second of it.

Wherever we went exploring new places, their cultures, ways of life, architecture and food has always brought me the most joy.

It fascinates me how we are all human yet we all live so differently, with differing beliefs, values, religions, climates, rituals and day to day lives. Stepping into new cultures and learning these differing qualities is truly magic.

When I started working and had my own money and holiday to use I would love to plan hard and squeeze in as many trips a year as possible.

This is what kept me going, knowing that every couple of months I had another trip planned and a new place to explore.

It was also the start of something much bigger, subconsciously that travelling dream that was planted as a child just got stronger and stronger.

Girl on a beach with in Thailand

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So why have I started Travels by Izzy?

This is the first blog I have made and am very excited to share my travel adventures with you, as well as keeping family and friends back home up to date with what we are getting up to!

I hope to guide you to rediscover the world and the joy of the present moment through my photography and travel stories.

Additionally inspiring freedom, I invite you to ask yourself what you really want from life? Are you truly living out your souls purpose or are you following someone else’s dream?

I want to show you that freedom is possible and that you do not have to live by the certain guidelines we have been raised to believe.

I am on a mission to reconnect humanity with the natural ebb and flow of the earth and to encourage people to slow down, take in their surrounding and discover the places they live or visit on a deeper level.

I can often be found staring up at the trees, the stars, out to the ocean, watching the birds or the moon, chasing the sunrises and sunsets trying to soak in as much of the world as I can.

It’s this natural bliss around us everyday which is there for free that so many people miss.

I hope to capture some of this bliss for you to see too.

Because what’s the rush?

Girl hiking up Hellvelyn Lake District

We quite often just glide through life not really paying attention to what we are doing, where we are working or what we are consuming.

We usually only stop to question everything when something terrible happens, I want you to question everything now, don’t wait for something terrible to rock the boat, rock it yourself!

I am so passionate about this because it’s exactly what I did.

Like many, I went straight from school into work and just kept motoring through, I went into Property Sales and worked at an Estate Agents and then a Developers. Don’t get me wrong I loved it and at one point I could have just done it forever without questioning anything.

But then my Grandad died, he was my rock and like a second Dad to me.

Him and my Grandma had looked after me or taken me out once or sometimes twice a week for most of my life and he was gone.

I was very lucky and had never lost anyone close to me before this, so it hit hard.

Suddenly this bubble that I was floating through life in burst and I realised I wasn’t truly happy.

I was on the surface, I had good friends and a good job and was surrounded by loving people but it didn’t make my soul happy.

I discovered that my desire more than anything was freedom, freedom to explore, freedom to be on my own terms, freedom to discover the world and revisit that dream from childhood.

So I booked myself a one way ticket to Vietnam to meet my step sister in April 2020…

However I am sure we all know what happened in 2020. I had handed my notice in at work, started to sort my packing, and get myself in order but just 3 weeks before I was due to fly we went into lockdown.

I was heartbroken, for the first time in my life I truly stepped out of my comfort zone and I felt like it had all been for nothing as I watched my biggest dream come crashing down in front of me.

Trying to keep positive and at that point I don’t think any of us really understood just how much Covid was going to change our lives.

I just kept thinking I’ll be gone by Christmas, then Summer, then next Christmas but it didn’t come.

So it’s now 2022 and our flight is booked for August. 

Finally me and my boyfriend Jack will be flying to South East Asia.

I am a big believer of what’s meant to be will be and I feel much happier about travelling now than I did back in 2020. I can now look back and know I am travelling for the right reasons and to the right places.

So here I am, about to be travelling the world ensuring I never lose my sense of freedom.

Wish me luck.

Oh my gosh!!

Here I am in September 2023 – it has been over a year since I wrote this post and since I left for my first lot of travelling.

It was amazing.

If any part of your being wants to go you have to just GO! Don’t try and make excuses or say it’s not the right time, just go.

We had the time of our lives and this is just the beginning.

We are due to leave again in January 2024, where? We are not sure yet but I know the future is full of adventure.

Follow along with my blog posts to see what we got up to and where you should not miss if you are heading to South East Asia!

I hope you find your travel bug, please tell me all about it in the comments below 👣💌 💫

With love, Izzy x