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Relax Beach Koh Lanta: Why It’s The Best on The Island

Relax Beach Koh Lanta: Why It’s The Best on The Island

Koh Lanta’s west coast is lined with incredible beaches but this one felt special, it’s gentle waves, soft sand and tranquillity made it our favourite by far.

Most of the beaches on Koh Lanta are long stretches of sand, however, Relax Beach often known as Relax Bay is a beautiful bay giving it a much calmer and enclosed feel.

Lined with cute beach bars serving delicious food and drinks, swaying palm trees and rock pools it’s the perfect place to spend the day relaxing in the sun or snorkelling the reefs.

Throughout this Relax Beach in Koh Lanta guide, I will help you plan your day at the beach sharing, how to get there, when to visit and why it is the beach beach on the island. I will also outline some of the best accommodations in the area!

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How to Get There

Koh Lanta is quite a large island and even though it is popular with tourists it’s not as developed as some of its neighbouring islands. Because of this the infrastructure in place is not the best and the roads can be quite bumpy in places.

Getting from one end to the other can take time but there are 3 main ways of transport:

Scooter — this is my recommended way of transport if you are comfortable riding one, there is so much to explore on the island and the quickest/cheapest way to get around is by scooter. Scooters can be rented from many shops along the main road on the island as well as from your hotel and they range from 150 baht (£3.50) per day to 500 (£11.50) baht per day depending on which make and model you choose.

Tricycle — if you have been in Thailand already you may be familiar with these already but they are essentially a scooter with a metal frame attached with benches for seating. Because they aren’t the most comfortable and quickest means of transport they are often well priced and can be good for those on a budget! Bear in mind though that they are quite small so can only fit 3/4 people in at a time. To book just speak to your accommodation or flag one down on the road.

Pickup truck Tuktuks — these are exactly as they sound, they are pick up trucks that have been converted into tuktuks, they often have a frame over the back part to enable passengers to sit down and have no worries of falling out the sides. These are quicker and a more comfortable way to get around so are often the most expensive. Again speak to your accommodation about booking or flag one down on the main road.

To get to Relax Beach head to ‘Sea Culture’ on your maps if you are scooting, this is an accommodation on the beach located next to the parking.

Once you turn off the main road you will see the ocean in front of you, keep going to the end and you will see other scooters parked up. Just park up here in a space and head down to the beach, parking is free.

If you visit by Tricycle or TukTuk just tell the drivers where you want to go and they will know how to find the beach.

Best Time to Visit

Koh Lanta’s typical high season is between November – December, however, October tends to be the worst month to visit due to monsoon season and some of this weather can be expected to overflow into November.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Personally I think the best time to visit Koh Lanta is between January and April if you are looking for calm waters and sunny conditions.

November/December – April is seen as the dry season. Whilst May to October is viewed as the monsoon season there are still plenty of sunny days and not many downpours that last days until you get to around August. Because of this if you don’t mind an odd day of rain here and there you can get some great cheap accommodation from May – July and the island will feel almost empty!

Sea Culture in Koh Lanta

What to Expect

Once you arrive on the beach you will see it is smaller than most on Koh Lanta. I recommend heading straight to Sea Culture Restaurant which is immediately on your left, you can sit on the deck chairs or bed-style chairs and enjoy your day at the beach from here. The food is amazing and they do great fruit shakes – it is also very reasonably price.

If you want to explore something different carry on left, there are plenty of beach bars along the sand offering food and drinks while you use their chairs or loungers.

If you’d prefer to be a bit more secluded then head right, there are only hotels this way so you can often grab a nice patch of sand all alone.

The best time for swimming at Relax Beach is during high tide, here the water can be quite deep but the sea bed is mostly sandy. During low tide the sea bed is scattered with large rocks, so make sure to take care coming in and out of the water.

If you would like to snorkel then swim out a little and to the left side of the bay, here you can find a small reef with plenty of corals, fish and the occasional jellyfish so keep an eye out!

Whilst you are here make sure to take a stroll up and down the beach especially as the tide goes out, there are hundreds of beautiful seashells here!

I am a huge lover of the Cowrie shells and am always on the lookout for them and here I found dozens!

🙋🏻‍♀️ Just remember to be mindful about taking these beautiful pieces of the beach home, I do not recommend collecting the seashells you find to take home, just to admire whilst at the beach and return them to the sand. If you have never come across ethical seashell collecting before Travel for Wildlife explains it beautifully and helps us to understand why we should rethink when removing shells.

Personally, this is my favourite beach on Koh Lanta, it is so central so easy to get to from most of the island, it has everything you need and was so beautifully calm.

It is also west-facing so a perfect place to relax all afternoon until sunset where you can gaze in awe as the sun drops below the ocean.

💡 If you are spending the day here and fancy something different for lunch or dinner, Yawee is located just next to the turning onto the beach and they serve up some incredible Thai food as well as some of the best chicken wings we have ever eaten! Make sure to check them out.

Where to Stay in Koh Lanta

Luxury: Long Beach Chalet 

If you are looking for a luxurious stay in Koh Lanta, this is your place. Offering Thai-style bungalows and chalets on stilts you can choose from rooms overlooking the ocean in the beach zone or overlooking the gardens in the garden zone. They all boast incredible views with some of the most exclusive bungalows hosting jacuzzi baths on the terrace overlooking Koh Lanta’s most popular beach. Long Beach Chalet has a large pool, private seating on the beach for its guests, an onsite restaurant and for an additional charge you can arrange all-day trips here, as well as massages, laundry and transport.

Mid range: Chomview Resort

This is where we stayed for 10 nights while on Koh Lanta, it was everything we wanted and more. There is a large variety of rooms but they are all very large, we stayed in the Superior Double Room with a Balcony and I highly recommend it. The rooms come equipped with air-conditioning, a fridge, tea and coffee-making facilities, a private bathroom, fresh drinking water, a large balcony or terrace as well as some having views of the mountains or pool. Chomview Resort also has a waterpark meaning it is the perfect place for families, there are many giant animals and cartoon figurines around the resort, so it is aimed at families. However, do not let this put you off if you are a couple looking for something quieter. Because of families heading out to use the waterpark the hotel pool and accommodation are so peaceful during the day!

Budget: Hub of Joys Hostel

Located near to Long Beach Hub of Joy’s hostel is popular amongst backpackers, the hostel offers free bikes to get around the island, free parking, a shared lounge to meet others and a restaurant serving up an exceptional daily breakfast included in your room rate. There is free wifi throughout the hostel as well as air-conditioning in the rooms and a shared bathroom. Hub of Joys Hostel is happy to help you arrange any tours and excursions and there is free popcorn and other snacks available for all guests!

Final Thoughts

Relax Beach does truly live up to its name, it is the perfect place to spend the whole day, afternoon or just to go down to catch the sunset. You can sit back and relax here for any amount of time with everything you need.

I highly recommend Relax Beach, it has a much more intimate and calm feeling to it compared to Long Beach one of Koh Lanta’s most popular spots. If you are looking for calm waters and a sense of seclusion then this is the beach for you.

Have you been to Koh Lanta? What was your favourite beach? I would like to know in the comments below, if you also have any questions about Relax Beach or other spots in Koh Lanta I am happy to help

Relax Beach

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