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Turtle Beach, Gili Trawangan: The Beach Guide

Turtle Beach, Gili Trawangan: The Beach Guide

Welcome to The Beach Guide series, beach bumming is my favourite pastime while I travel the world and I am on a mission to find the world’s best beaches!

In this guide series, I will bring you a short snapshot of every beach I visit. This is to help you make a quick decision when planning a day out, as these snapshots will help you get to the heart of every beach and know exactly what you are getting yourself in for before you go.

Every guide will give you a snapshot of quick facts about the beach, a short description of the vibe, an overview of what it offers and images to give you a visual idea.

Turtle Beach

Quick Facts

  • Sandy Beach
  • Easy to walk or cycle to from most of Gili T
  • The ocean at Turtle Beach is tucked away from winds so generally calm here
  • Great swimming, get deep quite quickly then a large drop off to a much deeper ocean
  • Amazing snorkelling — my favourite in Bali
  • Toilets located in restaurants across the road
  • Sunbeds available if you use a restaurants — these come with minimum daily spend
  • Restaurants and drinks are then also available to your loungers

Turtle Beach’s Vibe

Gili Trawangan is a small island that has a beach running around the whole outside of it, this means there are no small little nooks and crannies with hidden beaches etc there is just one long stretch of sand. Turtle Beach is my favourite spot on this beach, you can easily find it using Google Maps by heading to ‘Turtle Point’. Our favourite spot on the beach was Laguna Gili Beach Resort, here you could rent the chairs for a minimum spend of 150,000 IDR (£9) for the day. This is also the BEST SPOT on Gili T for snorkelling, we spent pretty much all day every day here whilst on the island and saw so much incredible marine life from Turtles, an Eel, tons of fishies and so much amazing coral.

🙋🏻‍♀️ The best spot to find the most active underwater world and snorkelling, in my opinion of course, is in front of Laguna if you follow the line of trees into the ocean! This is where we saw all of the best bits!


Turtle Beach is the best spot on Gili T for an early sunbathing trip! Whilst the underwater world is THRIVING, the beach gets quite shady from the afternoon so it isn’t always the best option for a full day of sun. However, if it is just snorkelling you’re after you can’t go wrong with Turtle Beach as the marine life here is vibrant and teaming with life most of the time. You have everything you need right there from sun loungers, food and drinks and lots to keep you entertained so pack up your bike and cycle down!