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Highland Sports Canyoning in Da Lat: A Crazy Day Out Not to Miss!

Highland Sports Canyoning in Da Lat: A Crazy Day Out Not to Miss!

How to Book Highland Sports Canyoning in Da Lat

We prebooked our Highland Sports Canyoning in Da Lat experience and they were excellent, we had the best day and the team go above and beyond to ensure you’re having the most fun possible.

Included in the day is the full canyoning tour, all equipment needed, English speaking guides, transport to and from your accommodation, basic insurance, free pictures, water and a picnic lunch!

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What is Canyoning

Canyoning is following a river downstream often in a canyon whilst carrying out all sorts of blood pumping activities Canyoning in Da Lat included… abseiling, waterfall sliding, free jumping, lazy river bobbing and zip lining!

Highland spots canyoning in da lat team!

A Breakdown of Our Day with Highland Sports Canyoning in Da Lat

The Highland Spots Canyoning tour is a morning activity from 8/8.30am to 2/2.30pm.

We were collected from our hotel at 8.30am where we met our first guide Vincent and a few of the other participants mad enough to take part in the adventure.

The drive to the Canyoning centre in Datanla waterfalls only takes around 15 minutes so we were there in no time while Vincent introduced himself and explained how the day would work

Once we arrived we were led down to meet the rest of the group and the other 2 guides Na and Ka.

You will want to wear a swimsuit under your clothes as you are provided a short sleeve wet suit, harness, life jacket and helmet to put on.

💡Don’t forget to pack a dry pair of clothes to put on after and a change of shoes to wear home as you need to keep your shoes on for the duration of the trip.

Amazingly my white trainers came out cleaner than they were before!

All of your belongings are then bagged up and kept safely in the car.

Once you are all suited and booted in your gear, the guides make sure everything is safe and secure, before you do 2 dry abseils to get used to it and ensure you know what you are doing before you head to the waterfalls!

Na and Vincent are on hand at all times and give you a thorough run through before your practise.

Once everyone has completed 2 abseils and feels confident it’s time to head down to the first waterfall.

Start saving your ideas

First Waterfall

During this first abseil you do not get wet while lowering yourself down, you are warm and dry at this point but have to abseil down and dunk yourself in the water before swimming to the side.

This abseil was relatively small and you can do it in pairs which was a nice way to ease into it and start the day off. It was also a great way for Jack & I to race to the bottom…

Couple abseiling canyoning in Da Lat

Abseil & Zip Line

Next up was a short abseil followed by a zip line.

Here you lowered yourself until you reached the overhang on the waterfall and then you let go and leapt backwards while zip lining to the bottom before splashing into the water below.

This was great fun and hilarious watching everybody coming splashing through the water at the end head first.

River Bobbing

River bobbing as I like to call it was an excellent way of getting from one place to another.

Guided down into the water we were told to just lean back, relax and let our life jackets do the job for us.

It’s like bobbing down the lazy river at a waterpark but in the wild. 

Waterfall Sliding

Once we had bobbed our way down the river we were led to a small waterfall for waterfall sliding.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, lying in the water and sliding down the waterfall as if you were at a waterpark.

It was great fun and one of my favourite parts of the day.

Na explained that we must remain calm and loose, to be like a noodle and the water will guide us.

Getting into position was interesting, you have to lie down in the river at the top of the falls while Na holds onto your harness, once you are in position with your arms crossed and one hand holding your nose he lets you go and just like a leaf the water takes you down into the pool below.

25m Waterfall

After bobbing and sliding and a few abseils under our belt we were led to the top of the 25m abseil.

At this point Vincent and Na came round and checked all of our safety gear, this was how I knew we were approaching a biggie!

The 25 metre waterfall was definitely an experience. There had been lots of rain in Da Lat leading up to our canyoning tour so there was quite a lot of water in the rivers and they were flowing quite fast.

The abseil consists of a drop down to a ledge where the waterfall then turns into an overhang and you jump the last 3 meters down into the pool below.

I, however, had a slightly different experience! There was so much water coming down and hitting me in the face that when it was my time to let go I didn’t realise as I couldn’t hear Ka shouting at me to jump…

So much to my horror I just ran out of rope! I was still clipped into the safety rope so I wouldn’t of fallen too fast but it definitely felt like it.

What an experience this was and because the team take pictures and videos throughout the day we have a funny video to refer back to and laugh at.

Abseiling the 25m waterfall in Da Lat

Free Jumping

Amazingly this was also one of the highlights for me – even though I was terrified right from the point of reading it on the itinerary!

There was a choice of either a 7m jump, 9m jump or no jump at all. I couldn’t let myself get that far and do not jump at all so I went for the 7m.

When you were standing at the top it didn’t actually look that high…

My gosh did that change once my feet left the rock, the terror in my face must of been hilarious to watch as I flapped my arms and screamed my way down to the water.

I enjoyed it so much I decided to go up for a second jump, it was all over in seconds but the adrenaline in my system them kept my blood pumping until we got to the next abseil.

Free jumping whilst canyoning in da lat

The ‘Washing Machine’ Waterfall

This waterfall is better known as the washing machine because of the way the water pushes you under spins you around and spits you back out again

You start by gradually lowering yourself to the overhang before then moving away from rock altogether, this is when the waterfall starts to reach you and you start swinging back and forth under the pressure.

Once you get to the water at the bottom you let go of your ropes and allow yourself to be ‘washing machined‘.

It doesn’t last too long and you’re under water for a second or 2 before popping back up and being caught by Ka before you go floating off down the river again.

The washing machine is exactly as it sounds, it is great fun and just remember not to panic! Because of how the river flows and your life jacket you will pop up before you know it.

Steep Hike

Usually there would be another waterfall slide included but due to the heavy rain it was too dangerous to do when we visited.

So the washing machine was our final stop but it definitely wasn’t the last activity to get your blood pumping, it was followed by the steep walk up the hill to the road above before being collected by the car and driven back to base.

Once we were back here you’re given time to get dry and changed while the team prepared lunch.


When everyone is dressed and ready it was time to tuck in to an incredible spread!

It consisted of Banh Mi bread, pork, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, chilli salt, cheese, chillies, tofu for the vegetarians, peanut butter, dragon fruit, lychees, coconut cake and mango.

It was the perfect end to the day and gave us all a good chance to get to know everyone and exchange details.

The team then shared all the images with us from the day and gave us each a printed photo from the top of the zip line.

It was then time to catch our rides back to Da Lat and get straight into a warm shower after that cold and wet day!

Canyoning in De Lat abseiling down a waterfall

I know Da Lat doesn’t have as much to offer as some of its other neighbouring hotspots but the canyoning here should definitely add it to your bucket list.

I cannot recommend the Highland Sports Canyoning in Da Lat enough! This was one crazy day out and was one of our highlights during our travels through Vietnam and is not one to be missed.

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